Consumer Direct Care Network offers Support Broker, Training, or Consultant services in several states where we work. The support broker role is provided by many Medicaid waiver programs in order to facilitate greater participant choice and control in choosing services, supports and goods.

Our support brokers help participants and families understand their roles in self-directed services. We are a resource that participants may call upon for assistance and we focus on providing customer-oriented service, based on the individual’s expressed wants and needs. A support broker can help with creating and updating service plans, emergency/backup plans, understanding paperwork, offering information on community services and answering questions or concerns about being an employer of your own direct care worker.

Home and Community Based Service (HCBS) waivers are the result of individuals and groups nationwide who sought to include self-direction as a home based care option. Consumer Direct supports these guiding principles of HCBS, which are:

  • All people have value and potential.
  • People shall be viewed in terms of their abilities.
  • People have the right to participate and be fully included in their communities.
  • People have the right to live, work, learn and receive services and supports appropriate to their individual needs and in the most integrated settings within their communities.