Jim McInnis recently joined Consumer Direct Care Network (CDCN) as their Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). He brings 20 years of hands-on experience building and scaling healthcare organizations with a community focus. Before coming to CDCN, Jim developed and led teams who implemented consumer direction programs in over 25 states, serving over 120,000 consumers, managing a workforce of over 300,000 caregivers, and over $3 billion of Managed Care Organization and Medicaid funds. He is also a parent of a person with a disability and brings unique perspective and value as someone who sees the impact of innovative home-care on a daily basis. 


Jim is the father of triplets and has deep ties to the Boston area where he grew up, received his bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University, his MBA from Clark University, and where he continues to call home.  He is a sports fan, with a particular interest in hockey and obvious affinity for Boston-based teams. Jim has already shown his interest in learning and leading in positive ways.  He brings a great sense of humor to the work environment and a willingness to help wherever needed. 


As the CAO, Jim will oversee CDCN’s accounting and payroll teams, and with his wealth of knowledge, skills, and work ethic will help us grow and improve for years to come.