Commitment to Exceptional Customer Service

For over three decades and across the country, Consumer Direct Care Network (CDCN) has worked as a provider of MLTSS. Our focus is finding solutions for our managed care organizations (MCO) and state partners to make it easier for them to help people get the care they need.

We believe your members deserve to live the healthiest and happiest lives they can. Whether you are looking for Agency with Choice or Fiscal Employer Agent (F/EA) services, Consumer Direct Care Network is here to build the right program for you and your members.

We are here to support your members during their journey, no matter what stage of self-direction they are in. 

Experts in Self-Direction

From our headquarters in Missoula, Montana, to every program across the country, our staff live in the communities where they work and understand the unique needs of members and their caregivers.

Our tools and services are designed with people in mind.  We serve more than 94,000 participants and 112,000 care workers through Medicaid programs across the United States. That includes managed care organizations, state agencies, case managers, caregivers, and of course, members.




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*Numbers reflect a 12-month time period ending April 30, 2024

States make their own decisions on what programs include self directed options.  Reach out to CDCN for more information on programs in State(s) you want to provide services in.

People are happiest when they have control over their care

Self-Direction is at the heart of all the services CDCN provides. From all Medicaid model programs to state-specific services, we are a solutions-oriented partner for states and health plans to provide the most efficient self-directed service options for home and community-based services.

Self-Directed Personal Care Services give your member more control over their in-home care.

  • Your member, or their Personal Representative (PR), recruit, select, and train their caregivers to provide activities of daily living such as dressing, medication reminders, light housekeeping, and hygiene.
  • CDCN supports your member’s choice and independence by managing employment-related paperwork and tasks such as payroll and taxes.

Available in all states CDCN serves.

Agency With Choice is a co-employment option where your member is in control of who provides their care and services.

  • Your member is the Managing Employer, meaning they recruit, hire, train, and schedule their own caregivers.
  • CDCN is the Employer of Record and manages all administrative and payroll-related tasks.

Available in Alaska, Arizona, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Fiscal/Employer Agent (F/EA) provides your member the most control over their in-home care.

  • Your member is both the Managing Employer and the Employer of Record for their caregivers. Meaning they recruit, hire, train, and schedule their own caregivers, in addition to being the Employer of Record.
  • CDCN acts as the Fiscal/Employer Agent and takes care of the payroll and administrative functions for them.

As the Fiscal/Employer Agent, CDCN makes sure workers are paid on time and employment taxes are withheld correctly. Additionally, to fully protect your member from financial risk, a F/EA takes on full liability for each member-employer’s tax responsibilities related to a self-direction program.

Available in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.


In addition to the Medicaid models above, our services are adaptable to your needs. With our extensive knowledge base and innovative systems, we are able to offer many additional services, including:

Children’s Long-Term Support and Care provides the right tools so your member can succeed in managing the in-home supports and care their child needs to flourish. They make all the important choices—like who to hire, when to schedule support, and how their child’s care is managed. We take care of the administrative details, such as employee paperwork, taxes, and paychecks. Plus, we’re here to answer all their self-direction questions.

Habilitative Services are designed to help people with developmental and related disabilities achieve maximum independence. We help individuals customize the habilitative services they receive so that they can keep, learn, or improve the functional skills needed for everyday living.

Chore and Respite Services provides support when your member needs help, because of age or disability, maintaining their home and/or finding relief for their caregivers. Consumer Direct Care Network provides assistance with these challenges through our chore and respite care programs.

Support Broker Services assist your members with questions and helps them achieve success with their self-directed goals. Our job is to take away the stress and worry about self-directed services. We can answer questions and help your member understand paperwork and program requirements. Our Support Brokers walk side-by-side with your member to ensure they are successful in achieving their goals.

Vendor Goods and Services Program supports members who need to purchase medical and in-home care products or services. We support them through the vendor payment process and staying within their program budget.

Veteran Directed Care Services gives Veterans of all ages the opportunity to receive the Home and Community Based Services they need in a self-directed way. The Veteran Directed Care program offers Veterans more choice, control, and flexibility over the services they receive and is an alternative to the VA’s agency-based care options.


Web Portal

Our web portal has been refined to ensure accurate time submission and provides the right functions and features to your users.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

We are a flexible partner and can integrate any time capture portal or EVV system into our platform.

Universal Time and Expense Tracking

Our enterprise payroll and billing system ensures accurate and prompt payroll, while preventing timesheet and billing errors.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our CRM accesses every touchpoint for efficient communication between our service coordinators and the health plans.

Multi-Channel Communications

Call, text, chat, email, and mail communication channels are available, providing regular ongoing communication with members and their caregivers.

Jobs Board and Recruitment Platforms

Jobs board/DSW recruitment tools provide a resource for members, allowing them to source caregivers in their region whether rural or urban.

DSW Training Resources

Training resources are provided in a variety of ways from in-person to online. Structured for new hires, continuing Edu, or targeted to align with member needs.

Fraud Prevention Program

Our tools and people are in place to recognize fraud. Rectifying incorrectly submitted claims ensures dollars are spent for max benefit of members.

What People Say About Us

“Proactive worker-led policies, are leading to new industry standards. During the statewide transition in Washington, there have been both struggles and accomplishments. Many have been overcome with an open-minded approach to bottom-level teams tackling the tasks, leading to smoother transitions for the 48,000+ Caregivers served in WA. We are working in real-time, and it makes for a dynamic and diverse work environment with everyone’s ideas contributing to problem-solving and collaboration.”


“Working with Consumer Direct is a pleasure. The staff are always courteous, knowledgeable, and communication is clear and concise. In a world where quality public relations are rare, Consumer Direct raises the bar. We can provide our staff with timely payroll, resolve any concerns, and meet the guidelines of the state by using Consumer Direct services. With the responsibilities of parenting a child with special needs, it gives me peace of mind to know this is an area I do not have to worry about.”


Tina Loudin | MCO Business Development Director 

P: 727-504-8149