Ben developed his expertise in-home and community-based services through education, experience, and hard work. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia, Ben successfully completed two years of Peace Corps service in Tonga and went on to receive a master’s degree in health administration. Starting out at Consumer Direct Care Network as a caregiver in 2004, Ben quickly applied his compassion for people and interest in business efficiencies to roles across the company including human resources and program management. Six years after being named CEO, Ben remains committed to ensuring all individuals have choice and control over the lives they lead. Ben has recently been invited to join the Administration for Community Living as a RAISE Family Caregiving Advisory Council member.

Having worked his way up from an entry-level caregiver to president and CEO of Consumer Direct Care Network, Ben has a comprehensive understanding of service provision that is rare in today’s healthcare industry. In 2006, Ben served as manager of Consumer Direct Care Network’s program in Arizona, then returned to Consumer Direct Care Network’s Missoula headquarters in 2009 to be vice president and eventually president and CEO. Ben’s international, executive, and practical field experience has helped Consumer Direct Care Network thrive as today’s self-direction services industry leader.