2019 President's Award Winners

The fifth annual President’s Award for Excellence acknowledges six exemplary employees from our network of companies. Managers company-wide were asked to nominate one employee for their work in 2018. From this impressive field of nominees, the Executive Team can select only a few. We are pleased to announce that out of more than 600 program office and administrative employees who provide services to 40,650 caregivers and 25,767 clients, the following six employees were chosen for the award:

Jamie Belongie: CDMS, Business Analyst Trainer
Jamie has positively impacted all the people he works with and is a real asset to CDCN. Not only does he perform his job duties at an exemplary level, but he is also an excellent example of living and modeling our company values every day. He believes in our mission and through his training style helps others support that vision. Jamie joined the Training department last year in August after being a Field Coordinator for the Florida team. He spent his first two weeks on the training team in DC, and was very positive and would continually say he was “happy to help” even when he had been away from home for three weeks. Jamie understands the people we serve and why what we do is so important. In the less than a year Jamie that has been in the Training department he has proven himself to be reliable, knowledgeable, and credible. He has built rapport with the teams he works with and his opinion is trusted and valued.

Fernanda Bojorquez: CDCN AZ, Service Coordinator II
Fernanda started with Consumer Direct Care Network Arizona in 2015 and has worked in a few different roles within our company.

One of Fernanda’s most admirable qualities is her eagerness to help wherever she can. Her commitment to being a team player is apparent in her every day actions. Fernanda is the first one to step up in offering to cover quarterly visits for her team members who are out sick, or volunteering to oversee our caregiver referral bonus program. Fernanda jumps to the occasion when other CDCN states need help as well. When CDDC requested volunteers to help with quarterly visits, Fernanda was the first one to offer her support. Fernanda goes above and beyond for our members every day.

Selmat Fa Yusuf: CDCN DC, Support Broker
Selmat started with Consumer Direct Care Network in 2017 as a Support Broker and was recently promoted to Lead Support Broker with CDDC. During her time in DC she has successfully adapted to a fast-growing program, contributing to that growth by providing excellent service to her participants and support to her team. In her role as a Support Broker, Selmat successfully managed over 80 participants, which is almost double the standard. Selmat’s success was a result of excellent time management, effective use of tools and quality education of participants and their caregivers. As a Lead, she utilizes those skills in mentoring, training and supervision. Selmat brings a lively energy to the sometimes hectic work environment and the day-to-day management of the program. She is the ultimate team player.

Tessa Nystrom: CDCN MT, Regional Service Supervisor
Tessa started with Consumer Direct Care Network as a Caregiver in 2012. She quickly became a Timesheet Auditor/Administrative Assistant. About a year later, she stepped into the Program Coordinator role and was recently promoted to Regional Service Supervisor. Tessa has also been attending school while working full time. One of Tessa’s most significant successes in 2018 was her assistance on the implementation in Virginia. When it was first strategized who on our operations teams could help in VA, Tessa was the first person who came to mind. Tessa made not one but two trips to Virginia with the second trip being for a full two-week period. Tessa’s ability to help, support, and mentor administrative teammates in the office, help participants and families who walked in, improve processes, and take calls all at the same time was fantastic. Tessa never wants the glory or recognition but will always perform beyond expectations, at the highest quality, and with the most ethical standards.

Jauna Palin: CDMS, IT Systems Analyst
From day one, Jauna has had the best attitude even when things get complicated. Jauna was asked to assist Jeff Harriott on the implementation with Virginia in August. From that point on, she took every effort to complete those tasks promptly. When asked to complete tasks that were not part of her role, she took them on without question or hesitation. Even tasks with which she was unfamiliar. Jauna looked at those tasks as an opportunity to learn something new, which she did. She went above and beyond, trying to make sure that all parties involved with the implementation were informed. Jauna is a real team player for all groups, including vendors and providers. She worked with our EVV vendor to initiate a pilot program in CDWI. Once again, she developed great relationships with the program team, the EVV vendor and the IT developers. Her compassion to help others succeed showed through on this project as well as others. Jauna had developed a close relationship with all the DMAS team members. Her integrity and trust helped build this key relationship which was vital to the success of the Virginia implementation. Her compassion for this company, for her work, and her co-workers is heartwarming.  Her positive attitude is refreshing.

Maria Trujillo: CDMS, Authorizations Team Lead
Maria is a unique recipient ,in that independent of each other, she was nominated by four different managers! Maria is currently an Authorization Team Lead. She works tirelessly to ensure all tasks are completed accurately and effectually. Maria displays extensive knowledge of our authorization process and all the surrounding areas that effect the Claims Department. Beyond her work for CDFL and other companies, she is a key leader in Authorizations overall. Her knowledge of how we do business within Claims is at a VERY high level. Maria is a dedicated employee who cares about the service we are providing to our consumers, caregivers, program office teams, and fellow co-workers.

The President’s Award for Excellence picture features recipients with the Consumer Direct Care Network Executive Team (left to right): Tessa Nystrom; Jauna Palin; Jack Nichols, Chief Information Officer; Katie Trotter, Chief Administrative Officer; Mickey Ogg, Chief Development Officer; Selmat Fa Yusuf; Jeff Harriott, Chief Technology Officer; Fernanda Bojorquez; Ben Bledsoe, Chief Executive Officer; Jamie Belongie; Daryl Holzer, Chief Financial Officer; Maria Trujillo. Beth Peterson, Chief Operating Officer, not pictured.