Consumer Direct Care Network staff posing in from of the CDCN Missoula Marathon Display at the 2018 Missoula Marathon.

The Missoula Marathon is eight weeks away, but there is still time to plan for the weekend events.

Many Consumer Direct Care Network employees are currently participating in the “Cubicle-to-5k” training program. Run Wild Missoula introduced us to this program. Run Wild Missoula is a local, non-profit, club that promotes and supports running and walking for people of all ages and abilities.

The “Cubicle-to-5k” training program incorporates the Galloway Run Walk Run Method. Jeff Galloway created this training method in the early 1970s. The focus of the training is to incorporate walk breaks which can help runners of all ability levels reach their performance goals.

Initially the training uses longer walk breaks. As training progresses, the Run Walk Run ratios are adjusted. Galloway found these adjustments lead to faster times in all pace groups from beginners to veteran runners. This method conserves resources, allows quicker recovery, and causes less stress on the body.

Consumer Direct Care Network is proud to be the title sponsor for the Missoula Marathon. One of our great privileges is participating in community events across the country. We are also dedicated to making donation decisions that reflect our commitment to improving the health and well-being of our members, our employees and communities we serve.

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