Darren and Heath smiling

This Spring I’m excited to participate in the ADAPT FUN*RUN in Washington, DC on Sunday, May 13, as a virtual runner. Am I bummed to not be there in person? Of course! Still, it means a lot to be able to support my brothers and sisters of ADAPT.

ADAPT is one of the leading organizations to firmly advocate for disability rights across the nation. Started back in the 70’s to bring accessibility to public transportation, ADAPT is now at the forefront of all things related to disability and equal access. Known for their activism and non-violent civil disobedience, ADAPT is not shy about making a point and sharing it for all to hear. “Equal access all the way, tell them what we are here to say,” is one of the chants heard on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC on the 2016 March-to-Washington.

For the FUN*RUN, I’ll be joined by my fellow Montana advocate, Heath Montgomery. Heath is a rock star in the disability community, participating in national, state, and local efforts to maintain and further equal rights and accessibility for people with disabilities. This past May, he traveled to DC to help protest cuts to Medicaid services by the federal government. And, did I mention, he is nine years old! Heath is one of two national runners and will be traveling to DC to be an actual runner in the race.

Heath and I are collecting pledges for the race. So please support disability rights and pledge* today!

Pledge for Heath
Pledge for Darren

*Money raised supports MT ADAPT

In the picture: Darren (left) and Heath (right)

Darren Larson | Community Relations Coordinator
Consumer Direct Care Network | Development