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Lonnie – Mexico, Missouri – “I am from the old-school and believe it to be the best school.”


I live on my own and have been my own legal guardian since 1990. I had to fight in court to receive my right to be in full control of my life after being released from Marshall Rehabilitation Center.  Joy Pabst from Hannibal Regional Center introduced me to self-directed services and my life has been changed ever since. I am able to have assistance with my life, without giving up my right to make choices. With help from my personal assistant, I have a full life and can enjoy many activities. It makes a difference to have daily support from someone who helps with learning the coping skills needed to succeed in life’s journey. I have not experienced an emergency situation, physically or mentally, since receiving self-directed services. I’m able to discuss my situation, receive advise and assistance, and proceed forward in the best way.

I have been married and divorced, and currently have a girlfriend. I lost my mother when I was one and was raised by my aunt and uncle who was a preacher. I have a twin brother. We are two of ten children from my mother and father. I believe in God. I am from the old-school and believe it to be the best school. I enjoy leather work, collecting old eight-track tapes and cassette tapes, and watching old television shows.

My 51st birthday is on June 12 and my overall health and relationship with family and friends is great. I am grateful for the services I receive. I am capable of leading my life and being an active member of my community.