My Direct Care is a web portal for individuals who self-direct their services through Consumer Direct companies. The web site provides a secure connection allowing service coordinators, service recipients and caregivers access to information about the services they are receiving. The portal’s main function is to simplify self-direction by granting instant access to online time sheets, real-time monthly spending summaries, and a job board to assist individuals in finding caregivers.

Through My Direct Care, service recipients, their employees and program managers can access on-line time sheets, thus greatly increasing efficiency and the ability of Consumer Direct to review and correct errors. The portal facilitates quick payroll processing, service plan cost assignment and fraud prevention. In addition, monthly spending summaries clearly detail monthly and yearly services, costs and account balances. Consumer Direct provides assistance with employee recruitment through our online job board, where service recipients can view and contact interested caregivers.

Consumer Direct takes privacy seriously and our web portal is securely encrypted, HIPAA compliant, and enables users to safely transfer files and electronic messages.

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