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Taking your medication on time everyday can be challenging. According to the American Heart Association, 10 percent of hospital admissions are a result of a failure to take prescription medication as prescribed. Medication Dispenser Units can help reduce the risk of preventable medication related complications or hospitalizations.

Consumer Direct Care Network offers Medication Dispenser Units through Phillips Lifeline.

Medication Dispenser Units organize your pills, remind you when and how to take your medications, and alert your caregiver if you miss a dose or if it’s time to refill your medication. Additionally, your medication is secured in a locked cabinet.

Using Medication Dispenser Units is easy. Simply press the button when you hear the alert. The unit will display important medication instructions as it dispenses your medication.

We offer the  Medication Dispenser Units through our Nursing division (also known as Nightingale Nursing, part of the Consumer Direct Care Network). Contact us today to learn more about Medication Dispenser Units and how they can help you stay healthy in your home and community. Our veteran team of professionals are here to assist you.

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