We salute the 4,500,000+ direct support professionals (DSP) who provide the services needed for individuals with disabilities and older adults to maintain independence at home and in the community. Caregiving is often challenging work that is not glamorous, recognized, or highly paid. Nevertheless, it is this work that helps individuals live the life they want. The work of DSPs makes accessing basic civil rights possible, including going to school, getting a job, and participating in the community.

Direct Support Professional Appreciation Program

The Direct Support Professional Appreciation program recognizes DSPs based on the number of hours worked. These service hours are categorized into six hours club tiers, ranging from 1,000-25,000 hours worked.

We honored 3,445 club members last year. To all the hours club members, we recognize you and thank you for all you do. You make a difference daily! DSPs who worked 25,000 hours are recognized on a plaque in our main lobby. Click the button below to view the plaque.

Direct Support Professional of the Year Award

The Care Network understands how important Direct Support Professionals (DSP) are to helping people maximize their independence in their home and community. Across the nation, dedicated DSPs provide essential caregiving and give individuals the needed support to live the life they want.

Each year, we invite you to nominate a caregiver for the “DSP of the Year” award.

2019 DSP of the Year Winners

In 2019, we received more than 200 outstanding nominations from individuals receiving services whose DSP goes above and beyond – those who make a difference every day. Our selection committee reviewed the nominations and selected five winners. Congratulations to our winners! Their extraordinary service represents the diverse care provided by DSPs across the country.

2018 DSP of the Year Winners

In 2018, we received 220 nominations from individuals receiving services who wrote about how much they admire and appreciate their DSP’s above-and-beyond service. Our selection committee reviewed the nominations and selected four winners.

We are inspired by you

Thank you for the service you provide, the values you display, and the professionalism you embody. We appreciate you as a DSP and a trusted and valued member of the community.