We Understand the Importance of Direct Support Professionals

4.5 million Direct Support Professionals (DSP) provide needed services for individuals with disabilities and older adults to maintain independence at home and in the community. Caregiving is often challenging work that is not glamorous, recognized, or highly paid. Nevertheless, the work of DSPs makes accessing basic civil rights possible. This includes going to school, getting a job, and participating in the community.

Consumer Direct Care Network (CDCN) is proud to support 46,000 DSPs doing incredible work in 13 states and the District of Columbia. We look forward to supporting an additional 47,000 DSPs from Washington state in 2022, adding to our appreciation opportunities.

CDCN is committed to recognizing and appreciating DSPs through our various outreach efforts.

To show our recognition and appreciation, we are:

  • Participating in September’s Direct Support Professional Recognition Week to share thanks and celebrate DSPs.
  • Supporting the American Network of Community Options and resources (ANCOR) Direct Support Professional of the Year Awards and inviting participants to nominate their DSPs.
  • Building ongoing DSP appreciation and recognition opportunities.