We provide strategic and technical expertise to state and health plan partners for Home and Community Based Services development, implementation, adaptation, and evaluation.

Whether you are organizing a major programmatic transition or looking to optimize an existing one, we can help you establish strong operational initiatives and develop the stakeholder process. We advance your program improvement and development process through dedicated engagement with provider groups, local organizations, state program offices, and health plans. We facilitate knowledge building and exchange of information. We assist in policy development and guide participation in legislative processes. We advance operational initiatives through meaningful stakeholder engagement. This means you end up with a process or program that is thoughtful, knowledgeable, and practical.

Our consultants focus on critical issues and opportunities for program growth and development. We bring deep knowledge and experience in Medicaid and HCBS operation, policy, and program delivery. Our goal is to provide insight and support your team to improve processes into the future.

Our services are customized to fit your needs:

-Assist with strategy development and implementation
-Formalize/develop plans from program design and redesign
-Assist in drafting and analyzing requests for proposals
-Develop materials for Home and Community Based Services – rules, procurements, policies, manual, and stakeholder processes
-Develop materials for self-direction programs
-Advise and design data focused metrics and outcomes
-Advise on regulatory design for program manuals and program rules
-Advise on federal, state, & local policy changes and state or federal budgetary climates

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