CDCN Employees Show Us Where They’re Working! Image

Many CDCN employees are now working remotely. Despite being in different physical locations, our employees continue to provide quality services nationwide. To have a little fun and connect virtually, we asked employees to show us where they’re working! Several employees also shared their favorite things about working from home and what they look forward to when things return to normal. Check out the photos and responses below!

Michele Segal | CDCN NV
I am enjoying my time working from home. I have a private office at home, no interruptions (I keep the door closed during work hours), I have access to all my coworkers through Skype, we have our meetings as usual. And we still find a little time to exchange stories and talk about our families. I keep to my routine as if I was going to the office with the exception of the hour commute, and because I don’t have to figure out what I want to bring for lunch and snacks, I get to sleep in an extra hour so I do my elliptical work out every day to ensure I get both my mind and body going first thing.

Inez Don Carlos | CDMS
My work station features a very shy cat rarely seen by other people. Like a Yeti.

Shannon Parry | CDMS
This is my setup and my two new coworkers, Ozzie and Levon. My favorite part of working from home is being able to spend more time with them.

Nicole Cano | CDCN MN
I am set up on my quilting/sewing table in our downstairs living room since my husband is also having to work remote and he is set up in our office. Looking forward to getting my home office back and enjoying space again! Our “co-workers” include our three dogs, cats and our 16-month-old son.

Bailey McCarty | CDMS
I work at my girlfriend’s sewing desk in an alcove of my apartment. I still get dressed up for work every day, with the welcome addition of Homer Simpson slippers. Can’t wait to get back to working with all the wonderful people in the Auth department, I miss them!

Trish Sloan | CDCN VA
I am working from home in Tucson AZ! Although I miss all my officemates, I am finding it quite advantageous to work from home. My fiancé, Alan, is a musician, meaning he is a day sleeper. When I’m working in the afternoon, though, I get to listen to his wonderful guitar playing from the other room! Because I can fix my meals, I have almost totally eliminated fast food from my diet, which is awesome!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with CDCN! I feel blessed that you have chosen to keep me working thru all this!!

Coco Ballew | CDMS
Whether at HQ or my home desk, I have a million sticky notes to track my projects.

Betty Franklin | CDMS
I am in what was once a guest room. I have three dogs that hang out with me daily. From largest to smallest:  Dodger, Peanut and Sadie. Each day I bring in the dog bed so that at least two of the dogs can sleep there and a blanket on the floor by my feet for another to sleep or chew on a bone. They rotate around as to who sleeps where. Having them hang out with mom is one of my favorite things and also to have my husband pop in waving hello. When I get off work I restart my computer, pick up the dog bed and head into the living room. No 20 minute or so drive home. Yay! I have ample opportunity to chat with my coworkers and do the virtual hugs!