People boarding a small plane on the left. Tiffney and an older gentleman at the Consumer Direct booth on the right.

Many Alaskan communities are separated by vast distances or bodies of water. Sometimes it takes a bit of an adventure to connect with these rural communities. The Consumer Direct Care Network office in Kenai was contacted by the Chugachmuit Native Corporation with a request to participate in health fairs held in two remote communities. Both are located in the Prince William Sound area and accessible only by air or water. Tiffney Carlson, Program Coordinator, joined the Chugachmuit Health and Social Services team in Seward and flew to the communities of Chenega Bay and Tatitlek. The population of both communities are about 90 residents each. These health fairs are major community events attended by almost everyone in the area.

While attending these events, Tiffney completed certification training for Opioid overdose rescue and the administration of Narcan/Nyloxon, provided by the corporation and their healthcare team. We are thankful for the invite and appreciate the opportunity to connect with our rural neighbors.

Jim Trombley |  Regional Program Coordinator

Consumer Direct Care Network AK