Happy Retirement Laura Coger! Image

Laura is on her way to new adventures! She will remain active in advocating for seniors, those with disabilities, and caregivers.  She’s been appointed to Nevada AARP’s executive council.  She will also be spending time with family, especially grandbaby Avery.   We thank Laura for being a great Program Manager!

Laura’s message to you all:

Thank you all for the amazing opportunities to learn from you and be inspired by you!  I have been so blessed to work with such an innovative and amazing company whose leadership genuinely cares about those we serve. I’m forever grateful to have worked so many wonderful years with Eva, Julie, Team Nevada, and with you and your caregivers, too! Thank you – you will remain always in my heart! – Laura

In the picture: Team Nevada with Laura in the middle

Eva Medina  | Nevada Program Manager 
Consumer Direct Services for Nevada, LLC